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Image How to add Import Tweets as Posts in Wordpress
"Import Tweets as Posts" plugin allows to easily import tweets from user's timeline or search query. It has also flexibility to import …
Start tutorial with video following.

1. First Download "import-tweets-as-posts.zip" Plugin to your Local Computer. (Click Download)

2. Then, Login to your "yourdomain.com/wp-admin" Dashboard.


3. Then, Click on "Plugins" + "Add New" from left sidemenu of Dashboard.


4. Now, Click on "Upload Plugin" button.



5. Now, Browse "import-tweets-as-posts.zip" Downloaded plugin from your computer, Where you downloaded import-tweets-as-posts.zip According to Step – 1 Above then, click on "Install Now"


6. Now, Click on "Active Plugin"


7. Then, See left sidemenu. "Import Tweets as Posts" folder is added on left sidemenu. Now, Click on "Import Tweets as Posts" folder.

   Noted that: If you do not see "Import Tweets as Posts" folder on left sidemenu then, see at left sidemenu "Settings" or "Tools".

8. Now you configure yourself oR Watch video tutorial below about Import Tweets as Posts Configurtions and Settings or How to work "Import Tweets as Posts" in your WordPress site.


9. Watch video Full Setup of Import Tweets as Posts How to Embed Actual Tweets in WordPress Blog Posts

9. Done...
If you have any question then, ask to us on Facebook Page
  1. Extract the import-tweets-as-posts/ folder file to /wp-content/plugins/

  2. Activate the plugin at your blog’s Admin -> Plugins screen

  3. Go to Plugin Settings from “settings -> Import Tweets as Posts”

  4. Enter Twitter OAuth Keys (consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access token secret) in plugin settings fields (See FAQs or Post How to Create Twitter Application and Generate OAuth Authentication Keys)

  5. Also make the following fields settings as per your requirements:

  • Import Tweets From: ‘User Timeline’ or ‘Search Query’.
  • Enter ‘Twitter Id’ or ‘Search String’ as per above selection.
  • if importing tweets from search query, Set ‘Twitter Search Result Type’.
  • No. of Tweets to Import
  • Tweets Imports Time Interval (e.g. Enter “1” for 1 minute interval)
  • Tweets Post Title Prefix:
    1. Add custom text before tweet post title e.g. “Tweet: “
  • Set Tweets Post Title Characters Limit (e.g. 40).
  • Set Tweet Post type as “post” or “tweet”.
  • Set Post Category, if post type is “post”.
  • Set Twitter Posts Default Status
  • Import Retweets
  • Exclude Replies
  • Set Twitter posts publish date as per WordPress timezone

Note: All fields are required to work this plugin more efficiently.

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